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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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blotter. vernon odom is live at southwest detective headquarters in west philadelphia. >> reporter: good evening jim. to hear the police tell it, stewart was completely out of control terrorizing a section of west philadelphia with reckless and deadly abandon. police say that they have solved the march 26th murder of 17-year-old tiewhen chandler. and arrested making stewart. he was in the midst of a four day rampage of robberies focused on the market street corridor at north 52nd. it began when stewart robbed a man who was licensed to carry a handgun with a ladieser scope and tracing the gun was the key to nailing stewart. >> in every case he got the money, and he was excited about having the gun because he kept
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pointing the laser sight at them. >> this young man comes out of the bar and sticks these two young men up and takes their money and they tell their father and the father comes back and approaches the male and the two of them get in a physical fight and the gun was pulled and he shot the father one time in the face. >> and the motive was to catch people alone on the city streets at night or wee hours of the morning. >> he goes on haverford at 9:00 at night. and a male with a camera bag he robs him and he runs and he fires eight shots at him and misses him thank god. and then another stickup where neighbors today were surprised to learn that an armed and dangerous predator is off the streets. >> that is perfect. ain't got to see him no more and not committing crime no more.
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>> jim, tonight police say that making stewart is being denied bail. police have arrested a lehigh county man for killing a woman in her driveway, this was the scene in september hours after stephanie ruth was shot to death in lower macungie township. now they charge roof's neighbor with criminal homicide. investigatorsy that 35-year-old joseph razzler shot him from a homemade air gun and he was upset after roof ended their relationship. two students were suspended for a fight captured on cell phone video yesterday inside of chester high school. sophomore quamirjones says that a sore more grabbed him and swung him around and threw him
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into a glass door. jones' family kept him home from school as the district continues their investigation. the trial of eric frein includes dramatic testimony from five pennsylvania troopers, they described their panicked response minutes after a sniper shot their colleague outside of the baracks in 2014. the troopers dragged a mortgagely wounded corporal dickson into the building but he died at the scene. douglas was flown to the hospital and he survived and frein could face the death penalty if convicted . today's beautiful weather will be short lived bought what could be terribly destructive weather down south is heading this way. gets lo to cecily tynan at the big board. >> the system to the southeast is causing seven tornado reports, some very violence
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rather there and this is being fueled by high pressure across the ohio valley and that system will head up to the northwest and transfer its energy to another low, a triple point over virginia and that brings us the heavy weather and comes into threats, the first threat is the potential forbe flooding, the third heavy rain event in less than a week and a flood watch it posted for most of our viewing area. it looks widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain and some areas getting more than that. the second risk is the possibility of severe weather. the severe storm prediction weather put the greatest chance in our area. the delmarva extreme southern new jersey. what this means, any thunderstorm could have damaging winds and maybe some hail and even the threat of an isolated torn. this is a timeline, the rain moves in after midnight and it looks like we have two rounds of potentially strong to severe
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thunderstorms, early in the morning before dawn, another round into the afternoon and again the threat of damaging wind gusts and isolated tornado and this system will be bringing us a taste of winter on friday for the phillies home opener, we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. with stormy weather expected please remember this, you can get that seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 radar any time at and be sure to follow our accuweather team on social media for their latest updates. police have released surveillance video of a car crashing into a burlington county building in what appears at a failed attempt at parking. the gold hyundai hit the shop on monday morning the business suffered substantial damage and the 31-year-old driver is charged with multiple violations. "action news" was in atlantic city today for the big reveal from the folks at hard
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rock. they disclosed their plans for the former trump taj mahal that they bought last month from carl icahn. gray hall was there for the big announcement and is now live on the boardwalk. >> reporter: hi jim, this was a big announcement today we are talking about a project that will cost millions and millions of dollars but one that will also pump millions of dollars back into the economy and what is really important for a whole lot of people this means jobs. >> part of the reason that hard rock has made the invest many here in atlantic city is because they believe they can be profitable. i don't believe they would come here if they didn't think they could make money. >> there is hope in the renewed hope of atlantic city after hard rock announced they purchased the former trump taj mahal casino bill in the 90s and spend $375 million to transform the property into the hard rock hotel and casino.
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>> we are bringing this city back and bringing jobs back. there is going to be 3,000 people, permanent jobs and 1,000 construction workers. >> and hard rock is confident in its brand to make it a world class destination. and bring thousands of visitors to atlantic city. >> do it right doesn't mean just new carpet or new memorabilia, it means a complete renovation. >> hard rock purchased the casino in march from billionaire carl icahn. he purchased it last year but had to close it in october after a crucial strike from union workers seeking benefits. and a city that has seen many ups and downs is looking forward tie bright future. >> atlantic city is moving forward not giving up on casinos. good news for the har rock and city and state leader but it's every day person means jobs and
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stability. >> a good day. a blessed day. >> we are getting a second chance of what everybody else said was a failure, we are getting a second chance thank god. >> so back out live the hard rock hotel and casino expected to open in october of 2017. among them two arenas that can seat 7,000 people. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. camden mayor, dana redd, joined volunteers to pick up trash in two neighborhoods today and talked about her political future after the recent investlation that she will not seek a third term. >> my name has been floated and i have not been asked by phil murphy who i endorsed for
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governor. >> and redd's time in office is up at the end of this year she spoke at the launch of the five-month campaign to spruce up the city. and firefighters run into a burning home to save a family pet. plus this -- >> in trenton kids get a hands on experience behind a plow as they learn about farming and gardensing i'm nora muchanic ill have that story next. and the phillies are back on the diamond tonight in cincinnati. ducis rogers with that story when "action news" continues tonight. i no longer live with
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pressure cargo from a burning home in delaware today. they carry aid dog out of the inferno of ken wood road this afternoon. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze and fort fatally nobody was hurt. it was an agricultural journey back if time today in trenton and kids and horse lovers had a terrific experience. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic, has the story. >> reporter: jack and chestnut two 1700 pound horses from the history farm were the star attraction at the spring plow event at the garden support network. they help gardens thrive. students from robbins elementary got a feel for old time farming as they each got a turn handling an antique plow. >> it was hard but mostly the horses were doing the work. >> a huge experience for me trying to do the things that we
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did back then. >> it's nice to have them actually enjoy the hands on experience rather than hearing and reading about it. >> the students also learned about bee keeping and composting and the worms were a hit and shelling corn for animal feed. there are over 30 community gardens in trenton and they hope that this hands on experience will give the kids a better stunned of growing their own food. the food in the supermarket is in a package and can and they can have the knowledge and skills to grow it themselves. >> carrots and tomatoes and strawberries and grapes. >> you are already a gad ener, yes. >> things are so expensive if they learn how to grow veg tabs on their own they will learn how to eat better. >> and organizers hope that putting their hands on a plow
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will help studented connect to farming and the food on their table. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> the camden aquarium is taking visitors to the amazon rain forest without leaving new jersey. the school of piranha and two water falls are the stars of this exhibit and others like fresh water stingrays represent the amazon river. and they will be immersed in indoor rain storm displays. . the 6 abc zoo balloon has a new look this year. a red panda and lemur and tiger adorn the balloon. it brings the guests 400 feet aboveground to give them unique looks at the animals and the city.
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phillies game two tonight
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against cincinnati. >> we'll talk about that and the nfl. >> sorry we are talking about the draft. >> a bit of a draft in here. >> cecily is always complaining about the draft. all eyes will be on us. the nfl draft is a big deal for the city and for rebuilding the eagles team. >> a view of the parkway sets the scene. the nfl draft is coming to town. as the co-chairman of the host committee ron jaworsky is envisioning this for the year. to see the stage being built and the art museum down the parkway and beautiful vistas of our wonderful city. i'm pinching myself. saying this is going to happen in a couple of weeks. >> jaws told me over 40 million people will see it on tv. >> and 200 thousand people are expected on the parkway thursday friday and saturday. it will be nuts on thursday night absolutely crazy.
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>> one reason philadelphia is an easy road trip for visiting cities. >> as far west as cincinnati. people drive in from cincinnati and cleveland and buffalo and new england and pittsburgh and the new york teams obviously. baltimore and washington, and people will hop in their car and say lets go to philly for the weekend. >> the eagles hold the 14th pick and they think the direction is a no-brainer. >> the roster is bee rift of quality defensive backs and there is a lot of tal enat the corner back position, if you are short on talent in the secondary, this is a good year to be short. >> i see them going corner, cornering corner. that is a need have you to fulfill. >> jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> mark your calendars now, three weeks in april 26th. grass preview party, we'll
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broadcast live from the parkway at 7:30 here on 6 abc. the phillies and reds get back at it in cincinnati and jared icoff takes the mound and the finishing touches are on the stadium and the phils host the washington nationals on friday. and former flyer has died he spent nine seasons with the ornand black, he scored 199 goals and he was 58 years old. and round one of the masters tees off tomorrow and rain cancels the practice today. and there is no arnold palmer he played in 50 masters died this past september. >> it's an awkward feeling to not have arnold not be here. you feel his presence and his
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display is showcased in the champion's locker room and his jacket clubs and score cards from past victories and his spirit is here. and it will also be here. one note dustin johnson suffered an injury falling down a staircase. and an unusual sight from a college game. madison carter is headed towards second base and there is one problem. her slide -- she kind of eats it face first. it hurts my back watching it. >> a for effort. >> eagles are partnering with the philadelphia based company to honor some of the regions best teachers. from the coding systems along with officials held a news conference today to launch the teachers program. parents and students can go on the eagles website to nominate
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their favorite teachers that specialize in science, technology, engineering or math.
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so our faa certified pilots are flying drone 6 over the 20 and annual subaru cherry blossom festival in fairmount park. it kicked off at the japanese house and gardens and continues until april 9th, the pictures from drone 6. >> beautiful. fice day to be out flying a drone or running or golfing. >> you want to hitch a ride? >> i don't think it can handle me?
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>> how big is drone 6? >> not big enough to carry a person i don't think. it will be grounded tomorrow though because it's going to be nasty, tonight stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry. we start the the day with sunshine and high thin clouds are moving in ahead of a storm system that will bring us a double weather threat. the first threat is the potential for flooding rain. this is future tracker 6 showing how much rain our particular model is expecting. and generally 1 to 2 inches and shows the heaviest rain along i-95 in areas northwest the fact that this is our third heavy rain event in less than a week means there is a possibility of not just localized flooding on roads but also creeks and streams and maybe even river flooding and the second threat is the possibility of severe weather. the biggest threat with that torrential downpours that is high and moderate risk of dangerous lightning and strong damaging wind and a moderate
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risk of an isolate the tornado especially south of philadelphia. today beautiful the calm before the storm. philadelphia 67 and down from the high of 69 and almost hit 70 and allentown 64 and the wind is off the ocean and the temperature 49 and beach haven 47 and cape may 51. satellite 6 along with action radar showing plenty of sunshine early and the high thin cirrus clouds are beginning to blow up in advance of the storm system. and severe weather to the south, seven reported tornadoes there and another outbreak of tornadoes across the kentucky and tennessee valley. future tracker showing the rain arriving after midnight and showing a potent band of heavy thunderstorms perhaps severe early tomorrow morning, around 5:00. and then we have scattered showers around 9:00. you think hey it's over now, but this system will reload early in
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the afternoon and bringing another risk of strong to severe storms at 3:00. and as we head into this time tomorrow night things begin to clear out and a few spotty showers left over. in addition to the rain and severe storms, we also have a wind advisory along the west. strong winds from the southwest and unon instructed off the ocean, you have no land and we could have wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow just a nasty day with rounds of heavy rain and strong to severe thunderstorms and 63 degrees and that low pressure is cut off and it just meanders to the north on friday and that means chilly and damp and high of 53 degrees and if you head to the phillies home opener and dress for winter and bring your rain gear not the best baseball day. and things get brighter on saturday and sunday we warm up
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to 66 and monday 75 degrees and a dry comfortable start to passover and tuesday we have a shot of hitting 80 degrees for the first time this year. it's going to be close and wednesday we are close to normal. with a high of 76 and an update on the timing of the storms on "action news" at 11:00. abc world news tonight is next on channel 6. and "action news" is next on phl 17 with brian taff and sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. hi
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tonight the world watching president trump. the president declares syria has crossed more than a red line that assad has crossed several lines. on the world stage, the president said his position on assad, on syria, has changed after seeing the images of the victims of the chemical attack. will the u.s. take action? also tonight, the shakeup. the president's top strategist steve bannon removed from his post on president trump's national security council. at this hour, we're also watching the severe storms, the tornado watches and warnings across several states. 60 million americans in the path. the flood watches right into the northeast. the f-16 crash, how the pilot barely avoided a suburban


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